Ecca – The Somatic Libra

Ecca is passionately dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey towards deeper connections and self-discovery. As a Facilitator in the realms of Somatic Intimcy and Breathwork, Ecca brings a unique blend of expertise and warmth to her practice. 

With a profound love for love itself, her trauma-informed approach to blending her somatic practices alongside breathwork, creates a safe space for clients to explore their physical and emotional boundaries with curiosity, release stored tension, and cultivate fully embodied and intimate connections with themselves and others.

As a skilled facilitator of breathwork, she harness’ the power of conscious breathing techniques to facilitate beautiful; but sometimes messy inner journeys, accessing deeper layers and unlocking our bodies' innate wisdom.

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Áine – The Solas Space

Áine is a multi-passionate individual, blending her background as a Registered Healthcare Professional with her offerings in Aromatherapy, Spinal Energetics, Celtic Energy Healing & Reiki and Reflexology. Rooted in her Celtic heritage, she weaves ancient wisdom into modern healing practices. Her journey through personal struggles has ignited a deep passion for holistic healing, driving her commitment to helping others overcome their own challenges. Through her diverse skill set and profound empathy, Áine embodies a compassionate and holistic approach to wellness, guiding others on their paths to healing and transformation.

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